• All your emotions

    in one app

    Keep your memories with you all the time

  • The simplest app to save and find

    memories in seconds

    Private, secure and easy-to-use. Also probably unique.

    Save memories your own way so you find them more quickly

    Put your memories in boxes. We have created memory boxes for all the things that matter most to people.

    And if that's not enough, you can create your own boxes with your own names! Fan of trekking? Create your trekking box and save your best sessions there (available soon).

    Finding specific memories has never been so easy

    Boxes, search and timeline. Old memories can be found in seconds.

    With Memoriz, you can search and find memories by box, date, place, the people you were with. Memoriz wants to become the most convenient way to find specific memories years after they were saved.

  • Memories are more than just pictures

    Memoriz lets you save much more than pictures or videos:

    your feelings, opinion, the date and place an event happened, the key facts you want to remember.

    And the most important thing: the people you experienced these unique moments with.

  • Life is too short to afford losing memories

    Whether it is a lovely moment with your family and friends, a great concert or exhibition, a romantic weekend with your beloved one, you can save it instantly and go back to it at a later date, in one week, or... 2 years: it will still be there. Exactly where you put it. On Memoriz.

  • Your memories deserve much more than social networks.

    Should social networks be entrusted with handling our intimate memories for life ?

    We believe memories should be taken care of like our most precious possessions.

    That's what Memoriz does

    It provides you with a secure and private place for storing and accessing your memories.

  • No sharing with anyone.

    Unless you want to.

    A secure and private place for storing your memories

    They are your memories, and only yours. That's why Memoriz does not share anything with anyone.

    Unless you decide to do so.

    You will likely want to keep these private moments for yourself. And sometimes you will want to share them with those who were there with you. You can do that. Or even share them with all your friends. You can do that too. You decide. Not the app.

    Convert shared moments into shared memories.

    This is not information sharing. This is much more.

    With Memoriz, you can share a moment's memories with the people who were there with you:

    your partner, family, friends or even colleagues.

    They can save this moment in their own memories' list and then add their own comments,

    or simply delete it if they are not interested.

  • Who we are. Our team.

    Our company is registered in the beautiful city of Paris, France, EU. The perfect place to create memories for life ! And we work with people from different places in Europe, for instance the great city of Porto.

    We believe it is important you know who is behind this app. You can find more info on our company and team on our LinkedIn page.


    We've just launched this app so we'd love to hear your ideas & suggestions about it.