• Our Privacy principles

    We believe that App Users should know how App companies handle their personal data.

    With Memoriz, you know where your data is.

    We have selected a data centre that is state-of-the-art and meets tough norms in terms of security and privacy. And this data centre is located in the European Union, which greatly protects users and consumers. Much better than having your data & pictures "anywhere" in the cloud, isn't it ?

    You are the owner of your memories.

    And you always will be. Did you know this ? Many other online services (e.g. Social Networks) include License Rights in their Terms of Use where you basically give them the right to do anything they want with your data (and that includes pictures). And very often they sell your personal data to advertisers.

    We don't do that. We simply don't.

    We want to be cristal clear: we don't sell data to advertisers

    At Memoriz, we have chosen not to earn money by selling your data. That's why some optional features of the app will be payable in the future. So that any additional money from advertisers isn't required. :)


    Check our Privacy Policy below and please contact us if you have any queries.

  • Privacy Policy

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    Any question about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.