• Why limiting the number of pics to 14 by Memoriz ?

    In the new version of Memoriz to be released week of December 26, we decided to limit the number of pictures to be loaded by Memoriz at 14.


    Why limit the number of pictures?

    We created Memoriz to be your personal library of memories. And we think that a memory must represent a unique moment, which contains only the most important pictures for our Users. So by limiting, we hope that they will choose only the best and the most beautiful photos. And that they will enjoy reviewing them later on.


    Why 14 ?

    We noticed people begin to "zap" photos very quickly around the 14th photo (on average). In other words, after 14 photos (on average), we do not really look at them, we "fly over" them. Therefore, we found logical to limit to a number of pictures that our Users will really look at and enjoy.


    What if I REALLY have more than 14 pictures?

    If you have more than 14 pictures, there is certainly enough material for more than one Memoriz. So, just create several ones :-) You will benefit even more when you discover them again in a few weeks or months.

    Lets take an example: the Christmas and the family diner.

    Instead of creating a Memoriz "Christmas" with all the pictures of Christmas, why not create a Memoriz for the decorations? Another for the meal? Another for the gift opening moment? It could even be one Memoriz for each kid's gift opening moment ! Your creativity has no limit.


    Think of the surprise you will have in a few months when you will rediscover these multiple memories :-)

    And if you share them, think of the happiness of the one who is going to receive them!

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