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    SIGN-UP: Why do you want to know my age, my country, etc ?

    Answering these questions is fully optional but will help us personalise the App for you. For instance, we know that parents tend to record memories about their children, and young adults and students save memories with their friends !

    LOGIN: the App says I need to confirm my account ? Where can I do this ?

    When you signed up in Memoriz, we sent you an email to confirm you account creation. This included a link to click on so we could confirm your email (this is good practice to avoid someone using your email when registering).

    But sometimes this email from Memoriz goes into your spam box. And sometimes, it is just deleted by your email service provider. And therefore you are not able to confirm your account :-(

    NOT TO WORRY: you just have to click on the link below and enter your email:


    Wait at least 5 minutes and if you haven't received anything, check your spam box.

    AND IF you still haven't received an email, just contact us at feedback@memorizapp.com : we'll solve this for you ASAP.


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