Why will you stop the Memoriz App service ?

    Like many "start-up" companies, we haven't managed to create a product that is good enough to satisfy a lot of users and grow our users base to a satisfying level. The Memoriz App service has a cost that we are financing with our own money and we can't continue. We then have to stop.

    When will you stop ?

    The App will stop working on December 15th evening Central Europe time.

    On December 31st, we will delete all Users data.

    What should we do before the App stops ?

    Nothing. Don't create any more Memoriz. If you want to save the content of your Memoriz on your own device, please take screenshots or save pictures and text before December 15th.

    What will you do with my data ?

    We will delete all Users accounts and user data on December 31st at the latest. We can delete them before if you would like so. Just let us know.

    What shall we do after the app stops ?

    You can delete the App icon from your iPhone.... and say good bye.

    Thank you everyone for your trust. It has been a fantastic project !

    Who knows ? Maybe we'll come back with a different project in the coming years !

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